Prince William and Charles Speak Out On Royal Baby

Madison Vanderberg

The royal baby has finally arrived. Kate Middleton is still in the hospital and will be staying overnight. No one has left the hospital yet and Kate herself hasn’t released a statement.

BUT here is what we DO know about the royal child, based on the verbatim accounts of the royal family and the royal palace itself.

“We can not be happier,” is all Prince William the new dad has said about his royal offspring. 

“Her Royal Highness and her child are both doing well,” read an official announcement.

Prince Charles, a first-time grandfather just announced, “I am enormously proud and happy.”

So far, the ONLY royals we can confirm to have actually seen the baby are Kate and Will and her mother Carole Middleton.

The first to learn of the baby’s arrival was Queen Elizabeth II, Prime Minister David Cameron and the governors general of each of the Commonwealth nations.

The Prime Minister gave his “best wishes” to Kate while she was in labor, stating, “The whole country is excited with them, so everyone is hoping for the best.”

Queen Elizabeth II has not said anything, but rather, she returned to her own home earlier this day. 

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