Proof Kanye West Educated All the Kardashians on How to Dress

Matt Dekneef
(Photo: Getty Images)

It’s as clear as a chic, all-black alphet: Kanye is the Kardashians’ personal stylist.

The influence Kanye has had on Kim Kardashian’s style is obvious.

Kim pre-2012 (left) and Kim post-2012 (right)—we know this much. But he’s also had a considerable impact on the rest of the Kardashian fam since they started dating.


Exhibit A: Khloe.

The whole family has definitely toned things down and simplified their looks in the past two years.


Exhibit B: Kourtney.

There’s even more opportunities to have menswear-inspired moments.


Exhibit C: Kris.

People might actually start taking them more seriously if they continue to dress like this.


Exhibit D: Kendall.

And eventually break into the fashion industry and have some real clout. (We see you, leather joggers.)


Exhibit E: Kylie.

Anyway, with a little help from Kanye, they’re all finally coming into their own.


Exhibit F: Scott.

Even the usually buttoned, suit-and-tie-only Lord Disick can be swayed.


Exhibit INFINITY: Kanye is the Kardashians’ personal style savior.

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