Proof Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder Should Date Again

Matt Dekneef

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder WHO AREN’T DATING CAN U BELIEVE IT WHY OH WHY?! reunited at the People’s Choice Awards to accept the award for “Best Chemistry,” something they obviously still have, even though they broke up last year in real life.

The former couple, who both star on “The Vampire Diaries” together, displayed a well-rehearsed “off-the-cuff” and self-deprecating bit despite the semi-awkward situation.

After meeting on the CW series and dating for several years, the two split in May of last year. That was almost a year ago, but in the meantime they’ve managed to remain friends and maintain their professional relationship onset.

But witnessing the way these two banter (and forgetting about the part where it’s obviously completely scripted) is a pretty solid case for why these two should just get back together. After all, THE PEOPLE have decided.

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