Proof That Rob Pattinson Would Be the Quintessential Male Stripper

Matt Dekneef
(Photo: Wikia)

In an interview on ABC, Robert Pattinson quipped that he has always wanted a side career as a male stripper.

Here’s the video. Feel free to faint after you watch it:

Now, yeah, he may have been joking, but it got us thinking. About the possibility of a parallel universe where Rob is a male stripper you could hire for bachelorette parties, which he’s more than qualified for.

He’s got a sexy, slinky body.

Summit Entertainment


All females LUV him.



He can easily lift a woman in his arms and sweep her off her feet.



He’s cool with a little sexuality regarding all his gigs.



He can be silly…



…but also really intense.



Combine it all and see! He’d be the perfect stripper.


(Bless the Internet for this GIF.)

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