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The Coolest and Most Tear-Jerking ‘Queer Eye’ Makeovers Ever

The Coolest and Most Tear-Jerking ‘Queer Eye’ Makeovers Ever August 15, 2019Leave a comment

In 2003, "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" paved the way for promoting self-care for the straight male. Rebooted in 2018, "Queer Eye" now follows the Fab Five as they expand their mission of acceptance to new communities. Below is a list of the series most dramatic and memorable makeovers...

Skyler Jay Before


Skyler made "Queer Eye" history by being the first transgender person to receive a makeover by the rebooted Fab Five. Recovering from top surgery, Skyler is aided in his style journey and is visited by his fashion idol Todrick Hall. One of the episode's most emotional moments is a discussion Skyler has with Tan regarding the style expert's ignorance about the transgender community.

Skyler Jay After


Post-surgery, Skyler is still in recovery and continues to share progress posts on Instagram. Suffering numerous complications throughout and even after surgery, Skyler has been struggling to pay the medicals bills as a result of a Trans exclusionary policy within his workplace healthcare plan. He's in the process of suing the University System of Georgia to have the discriminatory action removed.

AJ Brown Before


Looking like a more polished Steve Urkel, it appears AJ isn't in desperate need of a makeover. The episode soon reveals the Fab Five are here for an emotional transformation rather than a physical one. AJ is a closeted gay man in a deeply committed relationship (involving bondage gear) with a limited understanding of how to express his "gayness" to the world and his stepmother. After a breakthrough moment with Karamo, AJ develops the courage to tell his stepmother the truth and is accepted with open arms.

AJ Brown After

E! Online

Jess Guideaux Before


Self-proclaimed "lumberjack lesbian" Jess was disowned by her adoptive religious family and has been on her own since she was sixteen. Revealing her story to Bobby, who was also forced to leave home, she decides to reconnect with her biological sister. Bonding with Karamo, she learns to embrace her fierce independence as a queer black woman.

Jess Guideaux After


Learning to embrace her fabulous flaws, Jess has fully committed to a life of self-love. Since her debut episode, a GoFundMe page was created by fans to help her go back to college to pursue her computer science degree. With Tan's guidance, she has continued to expand her wardrobe and participated in her first drag show by presenting as "hyper-femme."

Neal Reddy Before


The embodiment of social anxiety, Neal has shut himself away from the world. Devoted to his dog whose shedding decorates the apartment and focused on the release of his new app, he is apprehensive of the Fab Five's mission to turn him from closed-off caterpillar to beautiful social butterfly. In the end, after being given a new wardrobe and a more maintainable beard, Neal becomes the life of the party.

Neal Reddy After


Ever since his makeover, Neal has been obsessed with taking selfies as evident by his very active Instagram account (@neallovesyou). In an interview with RadioTimes.com, he expressed his initial reluctance to be part of the show but also immense gratitude at having gone through the entire process. He regularly receives messages from the Fab Five showing their continued support throughout his style journey.

Tom Jackson Before


Divorced and suffering from low self-esteem, Tom's transformation from "old fart" to Southern gentleman hit audiences "right in the feels." Wanting to reclaim his happiness and the love of his ex-wife, Tom gives himself over to the Fab Five's guidance. After a confidence-boosting pep-talk from Jonathan, Tom sweeps ex-wife Abby off her feet during a date at a local car show.

Tom Jackson After


Rekindling their romance at the end of the episode, Tom and Abby eloped on March 27 during a private ceremony held at Chapel at the Park in Tennesssee. Despite being divorced, Abby emphasized the pair were never truly separated having been best friends for twelve years. "We have always loved each other" she stated, "… whether we were together or not."

Kenny Yarnevich Before


Living alone in his long-deceased parents' home with dusty mementos, 64 year-old Kenny's social life is strictly limited to tending the bar at his local club. Planning a family reunion (they haven't visited in 15 years), Antoni helps him prepare a tradition Croatian meal and accompanies him and Jonathan on a trip to adopt a canine companion. Overwhelmed by this newfound support and the company of his family, Kenny is comforted by the fact that he will never feel lonely again.

Kenny Yarnevich After

Facebook: KCPetProject

With Kenny's lack of social media presence, it's hard to truly say how the bachelor is fairing after his time on "Queer Eye." Taking a peek at the Catholic Club's website reveals he's listed as "the President" and hosted events such as a February bowling tournament and an upcoming Croatian festival in August. Facebook posts from his family reveal Kenny is continuing to enjoy social gatherings and celebrated his birthday in April.

Cory Waldrop Before


The Fab Five faced their biggest challenge in the form of Trump supporter and police officer Cory. The first bump in the road is during a prank Cory's nominator decides to play by pulling over Karamo as he's driving, triggering a very real fear-based response. This later prompts a conversation between him and Cory regarding police brutality against the African American community in which the later acknowledges the tension between the two groups.

Cory Waldrop After


Cory is truly a changed man after his experience with the Fab Five. Making a more conscious effort with his wardrobe, his style has rubbed off on many of his friends who have taken it upon themselves to follow in Cory's stylish footsteps. He's also spending more quality time with his wife and maintains regular contact with Karamo, Antoni, and Bobby.

Bobby Camp Before


Dedicated to his family and his Church, Bobby has forgotten to take care of himself in the process. Ashamed that he wasn't able to provide his wife with the proper wedding reception she deserved, he seeks the guidance of the Fab Five when preparing a vow renewal ceremony. The tearful moment of the episode occurs during the goodbye when Bobby recognizes that his religion hasn't been the most welcoming to the gay community and wants the gang to leave knowing "you have been loved."

Bobby Camp After


While Bobby is a little social-media shy, his wife's Instagram account proves the devoted father is taking his lessons from the Fab Five to heart and keeping up his new stylish appearance. Jonathan revealed he received a message from the family revealing they've moved to a much larger house.

Tammye Hicks Before


Making "Queer Eye" history as the first woman to receive a makeover, Tammye is a sweet Southern woman and cancer survivor. Heavily involved in her Church, she wants the guys to redo the community center and help her gay son Myles feel more welcome during his return home. Recognizing that her faith hasn't always been used with kindness, she offers each member of the Fab Five words of encouragement to continue their mission of love and acceptance.

Tammye Hicks After


Still overwhelmed by the Fab Five's genuine kindness and love, Tammye continues to take care of herself and those around her. Her son Myles has a newfound confidence and a promising career he enjoys. Since her episode, Tammye has received messages from Christian viewers who have had their eyes and hearts opened by the queer community.

William Mahnken Before


Horrifying Tan with the exclamation that he seeks to have Frasier Crane's sense of style, it's clear William is in desperate need of help when it comes to planning his proposal to long-time girlfriend Shannan. Transforming from dud to stud, William is aided by Karamo in making a short film in which he asks for his lady love's hand while wearing a stunning white tuxedo (romantic comedies everywhere, take notes!). Spoiler alert: She says "Yes!"

William Mahnken After


After marrying Shannan in early June, William has pursued his passion for movies by working on a screenplay and starring in some short films. He also made small cameo moments in season three of "Stranger Things."

Robert Hitchcock Before


Always quick to throw out a self-deprecating joke, Robert is a devoted family man who can't seem to break free of the torment he has carried with him from a traumatic childhood . Seeking to become a better partner in time for his upcoming wedding, Robert is taught the meaning of self-love and steps up to the alter looking like a character from "Game of Thrones."

Robert Hitchcock After

The HotCorn

Since marrying Jamie, Robert has shared Facebook posts expressing his enjoyment of wedded bliss. He has also used his social media presence to promote "Queer Eye" and has met some of season four's "heroes."

Wesley Hamilton Before


After being shot and paralyzed from the waist down, Wesley has embraced his new lifestyle in stride and turned his disability into an inspiring nonprofit organization. Seeking closure, Karamo arranges a meeting between Wesley and his shooter that leads to a powerful message about forgiveness. In one of the most dramatic home makeovers on the show, Bobby transforms Wesley's home to be more wheelchair assessable allowing him the freedom and independence he's been searching for.

Wesley Hamilton After


Wesley continues to run his non-profit Disabled But Not Really which holds athletic competitions, adaptive training classes, and offers scholarships to participants of the foundation's fitness challenges. He is looking to expand the foundation globally and continues to spread inspiration on his social media (@iamwesleyhamilton).

Deanna Munoz Before


Despite being a proud Mexican-American, Deanna lets fear control every aspect of her life. Unable to speak Spanish or cook traditional meals, she feels she's an outsider in her own family. She's also been the victim of racist attacks from store clerks and neighbors because of her "foreign" appearance. Learning to embrace her Chicana roots, Deanna's aided by the Fab Five in becoming a successful business woman by creating the Latino Foundation for the Arts.

Deanna Munoz After


Previously having a collection of 13 hairspray bottles, Deanna teases she has now restricted herself to only using one "in a light way." Having founded her non-profit in February, she is currently seeking to hire a grant writer and office manager. In June, Deanna gave a TEDxYouth talk discussing her Chicana heritage.

Brandonn Mixon Before


Brandonn is a U.S Army veteran who suffered a TBI and was forced into medical retirement. Constantly feeling like a failure to not only his country but his family, he's dedicated himself to building tiny homes for homeless veterans. The episode heavily emphasizes male vulnerability and the unseen wounds soldiers return with after serving. The guys help Brandonn come to terms with what he's gone through and reassure him that despite his limited service, he is still a hero.

Brandonn Mixon After


Continuing to provide tiny homes for veterans, Brandonn hopes to expand the Veterans Community Foundation's mission to eight cities by 2022. He credits the Fab Five for refueling his dedication toward his family and praises Tan for helping him with his style journey.

Jody Castellucci Before


Jody feels more comfortable in camouflage and hunting boots than cardigans and high heels. With the loss of her brother triggering the emotional shutdown of her self-esteem, she is nominated by her husband who wants her to feel beautiful again. After a wardrobe update, Karamo takes Jody to meet a group of women who teach her there's no "right way" to be female.

Jody Castellucci After


After her makeover, Jody is hoping to share her newfound confidence with others and share her experience with those struggling to care for themselves. She revealed to Refinery29that she starts every morning by saying "I'm a fierce, strong woman!"

Tony Blanco Before


Tony is in over his head when it comes to preparing for the arrival of his first child. As a procrastinator-by-heart, he has allowed his home to fall into disarray and kept his struggles with depression from his girlfriend. The Fab Five help Tony shape up and become the adult he needs to be in time to surprise his girlfriend with a proposal during their baby shower.

Tony Blanco After


Tony has fully embraced fatherhood and created an Instagram account (@tonymfblanco) to show off his new bundle of joy, Rowan. His fiancee Bri has also taken to Instagram to express her immense gratitude toward the Fab Five for helping prepare for Rowan's arrival.

John Stoner Before


Nominated by Lucy, his ten year-old daughter, John has taken a backseat when it comes to co-parenting with his ex-wife. Affectionately known as "Cat Suit Guy," (he owns two feline-inspired onesies), John's "man-child" existence prevented him from taking an active part in his daughter's life. Opening up about his struggles with depression, he's given the opportunity to watch Lucy's skate practice with Jonathan who invites Olympic figure skater Michelle Kwan to give them lessons.

John Stoner After


After sharing his struggles with depression, John has taken it upon himself to regularly meet with a therapist which has immensely improved his productivity. As for the cat onesies, he admits that they've gone missing but has a pretty good idea where they might be hiding (looking at you Jonathan!).

Joey Greene Before


No amount of fairy dust will ever convince Joey that he needs to grow up. Recently divorced, a recovering alcoholic, and having little respect for basic hygiene, it appears this lost boy has given up all hope. The Fab Five swoop in and with some gentle nudging, teach Joey the importance of taking care of yourself so you can better take care of others.

Joey Greene After


Joey has continued to take the mantra "Today, not Someday" to heart as he continues life post-"Queer Eye." Along with being the Program Manager at Camp Wildwood, he's the founder of SmartyPants Theater, an improv company based in Kansas City. Remaining humble, Joey's social media (@billyjoegreenejr) is dedicated to his camp and improv work rather than himself.

Jason Vogelsang Before


Seeking to escape his small-town life, Burning Man enthusiast and talented handyman Jason wants to host one final get-together with his friends before moving to Reno. Despite his reasons for wanting to leave and growing desire to move, it becomes clear Jason's deep connection with long-time best friend Beth is preventing him from taking the final leap. The episode takes a surprising turn when Jason decides to stay in Atlanta after realizing he's already found the life he's been searching for.

Jason Vogelsang After


Jason and Beth's relationship continues to go strong much to the delight of "Queer Eye" fans. The later has been retweeting and commenting on pictures of them being shared on Twitter. The happy couple seems to be enjoying the social media buzz their relationship has created.

Rob Elrod Before


Mourning the loss of his wife from breast cancer two years ago, Rob has put aside his grief to take care of his young sons. Preparing to move into a larger home, he's aided by the Fab Five in throwing a house-warming party. Wanting to preserve his late wife's memory, Bobby creates a memory chest for Rob that includes his wife's handwritten reminder "P.S. Be nice to your brother" which she wrote on all future birthday cards to her boys before passing.

Rob Elrod After


Rob continues to enjoy single-fatherhood with his young sons by taking them on frequent shopping trips and cooking homemade meals. On Facebook he shared a picture of the boys with matching sequin dinosaur shirts and unique hairstyles. He is currently working as a bartender and enjoying down-time by attending concerts

Kathi Dooley Before


Jonathan takes a trip down memory lane when he pays a visit to his old high school to give a well-deserved makeover to his former orchestra teacher Kathi. Devoted to her students, Kathi grew up believing tending to her needs was selfish and has always put others above herself. Having kept the same 1980's style, the Fab Five teach her to embrace a modern wardrobe to show off during the school's annual fundraiser.

Kathi Dooley After


According to Kathi, her beloved student Jonathan is keeping tabs on her regarding her "messing with" her new hairstyle. After learning that taking care of her needs isn't selfish, she has gone through hip replacement surgery after putting it off for two years.

Deborah and Mary Jones Before

Vanity Fair

These sisters are cooking up a storm in their little barbecue stand but lack the confidence and knowledge to make their business truly sizzle. Taught how to mass produce their secret sauce, the ladies are given the opportunity to successfully expand. One of the most moving moments is when self-conscious Mary is given a new lease on life by receiving a cosmetically-enhanced smile.

Deborah and Mary Jones After


Since their episode debut, business is booming for the Jones sisters. During one weekend, they averaged "1.7 bottles [of their secret sauce sold] per minute" averaging 11,000 sold in total. The sisters are hoping to expand their business internationally.

Mark Faries Before


Stuck in the past, devoted husband and stepfather Mark can't let go of his precious mullet despite it being an embarrassment to his family. Hair-stylist Kyan works his magic by cutting Mark's luscious locks and facial hair. Donning a completely new look, Mark is able to throw the perfect party for his daughter.

Mark Faries After


Not much is known about Mark after his time on "Queer Eye." A quick Google search brings up images of him reuniting with Carson in Pennsylvania and attending a performance of "Rent" with Jai in New York City.

Boston Red Sox Before


The guys take a trip to Fenway to make over members of the Boston Red Sox. Trading in their gloves and uniforms for bathrobes and face masks, teammates Tim Wakefield, Johnny Damon, Kevin Millar, Jason Varitek and Doug Mirabelli learn how to appreciate the finer things in life. The gang also helps the Port Charlotte Little League rebuild their field after being devastated by Hurricane Charley.

Boston Red Sox After


Leaving the Red Sox in 2005, Johnny Damon went on to play for the New York Yankees, Detroit Tigers, Tampa Bay Rays and Cleveland Indians. Serving as longest member of the team, Tim Wakefield finally retired in 2012. Retiring in 2012, Jason Varitek is now the special assistant to the president of baseball operations.

Simon Britton Before


The Fab Five make their way to London to aid former 80s pop star Simon get his groove back. Despite his stage fright, Simon hopes to revive his music career with the release of his band Red Rhythm's new album. Trading in his overalls and Carrot Top curly hair, he is transformed into rock-star royalty.

Simon Britton After


Since "Queer Eye," Simon has appeared in various television shows and movies such as "Sex, Lies, and Depravity." He's provided music for two soundtracks and has collaborated with famous artists such as Kanye West, Missy Elliott, and Sting. In 2014, he produced The Peace Collective's "All Together Now" video.