Rachel Zoe Having a Baby Boy!

Madison Vanderberg

After cross-dressing her son Skyler for two years and dreaming about having a little girl, Rachel Zoe is having…you guessed it, another baby boy!

Of course, she’s thrilled to be having another child, but one look at Skyler and you KNOW she wishes she had a little girl to play dress-up with. One of these days her son is going to realize that mom put him in a tunic and fedora for the first few years of his life and he’s going to revolt!

Life & Style is reporting that Rachel “has been telling everyone that she’s having a boy – all her clients and friends know.”

And like we said, “She was joking that she really wanted a girl to take to couture shows and turn her into a fashionista!”

As for Rachel’s husband Rodger, he’s ecstatic. “Rodger’s so excited about another boy, though.”

The fashionable baby is due this winter.



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