Ranking Rihanna’s 10 Rudest Tweets

Emma Collins
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They don’t call her BadGalRiRi for nothing. No seriously, Rihanna is like super mean to fans on Twitter sometimes.

We’re ranking her rudest tweets from “okay chill” to “damn, RiRi. Did you really say that?”


10. When Rihanna subtweeted THIS at Amanda Bynes:



9. When Kendall Jenner was heading to the Rihanna concert and said “Rihanna BETTER sing ‘Complicated,'” Rihanna responded:

Instagram/Perez Hilton


8. When she got into this heated back and forth with some fan, but we’re not totally sure what it was about.


7. When she slammed this stan,



6. but then apologized:



5. When she completely slammed this fan…after the fan criticized her:


4. When Rihanna sent out a series of diss tweets against Ciara:



3. When she had this response to a fan’s comment:



2. When Rihanna sent this basically racist tweet at Chris Brown’s girlfriend Karrueche Tran:



1. When Rihanna threw shade at this girl’s prom outfit:


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