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Razzie-Nominated Movies That Are Actually Pretty Great

Razzie-Nominated Movies That Are Actually Pretty Great February 13, 2018

great razzie-nominated movies

    The Golden Raspberry Awards, or Razzies, founded in 1981 by publicist and movie fan John J. B. Wilson, poke fun at the worst of Hollywood’s output in a tongue-in-cheek award show. But sometimes, as made evident by some great Razzie-nominated movies, they get films that get it wrong, wrong. If you feel like having your blood pressure rise due to sheer filmmaking injustices, check out these actually-great Razzie-nominated movies.

    The Happening

    great razzie-nominated movies
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    To an extent, I understand why The Happening received a Worst Picture nominee in 2008. It is, objectively, not good. It is, however, “not good” in a calculated, confident, secure, and idiosyncratic manner that such basic labels do not mean anything. It’s a fever dream masterpiece, an orchestrated symphony of pure camp and silliness. I’m not joking when I say it’s one of M. Night Shyamalan’s best movies.