Remember When Nicole Richie Looked Like This?

Madison Vanderberg

A long time ago, Nicole Richie looked like this…

She wasn’t the polished mom/designer/entrepreneur you know and love today.


She wore dogs.


Yep, that’s a dog in her shirt.

Gawwdd, remember the small dog/irrelevant celeb phase of 2004?


Mmm, girl, are you giving us boot cut denim jeans or what?


She was all about dat side eye.


And wearing a scarf AND a purse on the red carpet.


She was a bad girl. She was THE baddest girl.


She was BFFs with Paris Hilton.

And they both wore ethereal matching fairy-friendship dresses.


And were effing out of control.


And they were on “The Simple Life.”


Oh gawwdd, “The Simple Life.”


The wonderful trash monster that was “The Simple Life.”


Remember when Nicole had a variety of colors in her hair?


And she wore denim shorts like, 90% of the time?


But then, THIS happened.

These were the dark ages for Nicole and let’s not dwell on them.


But then, cut to today and she’s like, BEYOND stunning.


Who would have thought, huh?



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