Report: Brandi Glanville Cheated On Eddie Cibrian First

Madison Vanderberg


Brandi Glanville AKA the Beverly Hills housewife, who bought herself a new vagina with her cheating ex’s money, isn’t the scorned woman we thought she was.

Eddie Cibrian’s affair with LeAnn Rimes is Brandi Glanville’s bread and butter, turns out she cheated on Eddie first AND she started hooking up with Eddie when he was already in a live-in relationship.  This all according to the new issue of Us Weekly.

For starters, Brandi reportedly made out with former LA Laker Rick Fox at her bachelorette party and she had a long-term on-again off-again tryst with restaurateur Harry Morton (who also dated Lindsay Lohan and was last linked to Demi Moore).

While this news is super salacious, it’s also totally random. She randomly found a Laker player at a nightclub and made out with him? She wasn’t even remotely famous at the time. And Harry Morton? He’s the go-to poster boy to pin a random D-list hook-up on.

Moving on, when Brandi first met Eddie he was in a long-term live-in relationship with soap-opera actress Julianne Morris and despite his “taken” relationship stat, Brandi still slept with him that night.

Brandi addressed the rumors on Twitter, of course, writing, “Apparently I cheated on eddie a few times with some Hot guys! Wow! Grasping at straws 4 yrs later a week before book is out #WISHIHAD watev.”

The mag also alleged that Brandi cheated with Harry just six weeks after giving birth to her son Jake. Brandi addresses this online as well: “I had the baby blues after Jake was born I wasn’t even hav n sex with [Eddie] let alone anyone else. Such BS but I kind of want to buy the mag now.”

Was she or wasn’t she cheating? Decide for yourself, Hollyscoopers.