Rihanna and Chris Brown Together Again

John Howard
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Is anyone else getting tired of playing hide-and-go-seek with Rihanna and Chris Brown?

Put those breakup rumors away, readers. The constantly irritating and ever-present ex-couple that’s probably still sleeping with each other A LOT was spotted out and about together again.

This time, on an all-new episode of “Rihanna and Breezy Crush America’s Soul,” the high profile pair was seen cruising around the Los Angeles area in a sports convertible. 

What exactly was so important that they needed to drop everything and brave the paparazzi storm by stepping out into the public? Fast food, guys, duh…

In the photos, Rihanna and Brown are parked outside a grab-and-go restaurant. RiRi emerged with a bag of goodies and tall Icee, as Breezy waited behind the wheel with a growling stomach.

And, while some skeptics will claim that carpooling around L.A. doesn’t automatically pin them as an on-again item and there is absolutely no solid proof that the couple is actually back on or not, we’re just going to follow suit with the rest of the Internet murmurs and assume that a couple who Icees together, stays together.

Evidenced by the UK’s Sun, it should also be noted—I guess—that “a car” is the same place where their 2009 dispute that led to Brown brutally beating Rihanna on the way to the Grammy’s took place.

Of course, this whole fast food shocker comes after the couple seemed to insinuate that they had spent New Year’s Eve in bed together in the most cryptic way possible—coordinating Instagram comforter photos—further cementing our thoughts that they’re still going strong.

So, let’s recap: Rihanna. Brown. Sex. New Year’s Eve. Sex. Icees. Sneaky. Ain’t nobody’s business. 

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