Rihanna and Drake Partying Together till 4 A.M.

Matt Dekneef

Rihanna and Drake have people whispering yet again if they’re an item or not after the two partied together in Los Angeles following the rapper’s L.A. concert last night.

Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood was where Drake hosted his exclusive after party, which saw Rihanna arrive around 1 a.m. She left close to 4/4:30 a.m.

Besides helping him celebrate, her mere presence is all anyone has to go on regarding their dating status.

Earlier in the month, the two were reportedly in Houston together, getting wild at the VLive strip club where they spent a collective $17,000.

It’s clear the two have remained close since having a brief romance following their collaboration together on her hit song “What’s My Name?” we’re just not sure how close.

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