Rihanna Posts Death Threats to Chris Brown

Madison Vanderberg

Rihanna and Chris Brown’s non-relationship/relationship is the greatest thing ever.

Just when we thought Chris and Rihanna had finally put their love/hate drama/romance to bed, Rihanna strikes again.

So…Chris posted on Twitter on July 4th that he had a new album out and mentioned that one of the songs features Rihanna:

Rihanna caught wind of this and went OFF on Instagram, and posted THIS:

So, how do we know that this is ABOUT Chris? Well, Chris’ “crew” likes to refer to themselves as the “O.H.B” so the capitalization in “Phuck. O.utta H.ere B.xxxx!!!” is super significant.

Is Rihanna still hung up, bitter, and resentful? Maybe. But Chris kind of started this.

Last week Rihanna posted an Instagram video twerking it to that song “F*cking Problems,” specifically to Drake’s verse.

Chris saw the video and assumed Rihanna must be desperately tryna get his attention which, let’s be real, she probably WAS.

Seemingly in response, Chris tweeted, “The thirst is real.”

For those of you unfamiliar with the kids’ slang, “thirst” refers to the act of being “thirsty” aka DESPERATE.


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