Rihanna Stands By Chris Brown In Court Today

Madison Vanderberg

Chris Brown headed to court today over allegations that he lied about completing community service, which is in direct violation of his probation from the “beating Rihanna” case. We’re paraphrasing, obviously.

Chris showed up to the courthouse with Rihanna right by his side. She walked into the courtroom with him, sat down in the gallery behind him and even blew him a good-luck kiss!

Does she not remember that she’s the reason he’s in court in the first place?  

The judge ordered Chris to meet with his probation officer and said he needed more time to review the evidence in the case. Chris is due back in court on April 5.

Chris and Rihanna walked out of the courtroom arm in arm, attempting to display a show of solidarity, but one source at the courthouse told TMZ that Chris looked “dejected.”

Apparently Rihanna was trying to smile and cheer him up. What could she possibly say to cheer him up? Sorry you used my face as a punching bag? If only you’d never hit me, because then we wouldn’t be here? Celebrities, they are SO not like us.

Earlier today, Chris’ rep said that the allegations that he faked his community service are false and they plan to fight the phony accusations.