RIP “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, A Show That Will Probably Return Again

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Fox)

Well, congratulations, Fox. You’ve cancelled “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”. Well done.

Essentially, you’ve handed one of your most beloved shows to a rival network for no reason.

It’s hard to approach the cancellation of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” for any kind of post-mortem, because I’m absolutely convinced that this isn’t the end for the show.

Over the past few years, this quirky cop comedy has won the internet’s affections. Even those who don’t actually tune in regularly are aware of the show thanks to memes, gifs and clips that circulate constantly on social media.

Despite this popularity, true to form, Fox has seemed hesitant to actually put much effort into promoting the show.

It seems that Fox relies primarily on the hopes that any of their content will magically take off into the stratosphere, becoming a huge success in spite of a complete lack of marketing.

This is the only explanation for why the network would axe a show that is right on the cusp of being a global sensation after five seasons, instead of giving it a publicity boost and working to build up its image.

I can’t help but feel like in this instance, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is a victim of a lack of confidence. Fox executives refuse to support the show, then spin the ratings in such a way to justify their lack of support.

At the top of companies like this, it’s all about proving that you personally are making the right calls, rather than working to build better shows. Sometimes that means deliberately sabotaging a popular show to save face.

Brooklyn 99 King
Source: Fox

Oh well. It’s hard to be too upset about all this, considering just how much noise has already been made about the possibility of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” carrying on without missing a beat, being produced instead by a different (less stupid) network.

Cancellation is No Big Deal

Hulu is making the biggest public offering of support for the show, but they’re far from alone. I suspect there’s going to be a behind-the-scenes bidding war for the popular comedy, as plenty of networks push to take advantage of Fox’s idiotic cancellation.

So don’t grieve for “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” just yet. If anything, this cancellation is great news for the show.

Fox wasn’t willing to publicize “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, but whatever new network picks it up will certainly be more supportive.

Heck, my guess is that the ratings are going to rise simply due to all the articles (like this one) discussing just how awesome the show is, and how moronic Fox is to let it go!