RIP ‘Inhumans’, Cancelled Before Even Coming to Air


(Photo: Marvel)

Okay, take this with a grain of salt, but despite Marvel clearly banking on Inhumans being a big new TV property for years to come, recent promotional material suggests that the show has already been cancelled, even though it hasn’t aired yet.

According to Renew Cancel TV, ABC is now referring to the handful of completed Inhumans episodes as “The Complete Series”, which suggests that, shock horror, we won’t be getting any more of this show once the network sheepishly broadcasts its short initial run.

This is approximately as surprising as learning that the show will feature the Marvel logo at its start. Nobody has anything nice to say about the show, and while its first two episodes were initially designed for an IMAX release, the theatrical schedule for Inhumans was promptly cancelled once IMAX bosses realized that they could make more money showing Stephen King’s IT, a film that is not made for IMAX, than continuing to show this garbage.

So, Inhumans is DOA. In this time of mourning, it’s worth taking a moment to look back on the good times that we’ve had with the show before its untimely demise.

Remember when Inhumans was meant to be a big budget movie starring Vin Diesel? Yeah, that never happened.

Who could forget the moment when the world got its first glimpse at this show’s main cast, and they all looked like budget cosplayers? Medusa’s wig alone set of warning bells far and wide.

Then, there was the first trailer. Ah, the first trailer; good times. Sometimes it’s fun to watch something so monumentally boring and yet utterly ridiculous.

It’s even better when the trailer is only a couple of minutes long, meaning you don’t have to sit through the entire show to laugh at all the bad stuff that’s going on.

Scott Buck complained that people were being mean about Inhumans, and accused us of being overly judgmental when the special effects weren’t finished yet. How dare we make assumptions about the quality of a show based solely on the marketing material that was released through official channels! That’s just not fair!

Then came the Rag n’ Bone Man trailer, featuring the song Human that’s become synonomous with bad science fiction. What a perfect musical choice – this show is all about Inhumans, so “I’m only human after all, don’t put the blame on me” must have felt like a good thematic pairing, but which now feels more like an apology now that Marvel has delivered its first massive cinematic dud.

(It’s probably wrong to categorize this alongside the MCU proper anyway, there’s no chance Black Bolt or bald Medusa is going to appear in Infinity War.)

Oh yes, bald Medusa. The superhero whose powers come from her hair, and who gets a shaved scalp at some point just so that Marvel can skip on the cost of bad CGI to make her wig look alive.

Source: Marvel

This trainwreck has been one of the most entertaining events of the summer, as we’ve all watched as Marvel TV tied itself in a knot trying to promote what clearly is the worst thing they’ve ever committed to make.

Inhumans isn’t just bad; with the news that Defenders has underperformed on Netflix, this short lunar miniseries might be the first sign that Marvel TV just isn’t actually worth the effort.

Today, we say goodbye to Inhumans, a terrible series with lofty ambitions and a miniscule budget.

If this is any indication of the state of its studio, tomorrow we might well be eulogizing the death of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as the entire studio folds, gobbled up by its far more successful big sister; Marvel’s movie wing.

Seriously, Marvel, maybe you should just stick to films. Your attempt to make a hybrid TV series/movie might just poison the well of goodwill you’ve built up over the years if you let its mistakes fester in other shows.