“Riverdale” is Getting a Spin-off, and It’ll be Even Better Than The Original Show

Matthew Loffhagen
The CW
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Here’s a good question: how do you make “Riverdale” even better?

The answer? Add magic.

While most of us know Sabrina the Teenage Witch best from her long-running live action sitcom, in which she was played by Melissa Joan Hart, the character originated in Archie comics.

Much like Josie of Pussycat fame, Sabrina has been ripe for inclusion in “Riverdale” for a while – if there’s anything missing from the dark, gritty, sexy teen drama, it’s a fledgling witch that is struggling to learn how to control her powers.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Source: CBS

Now, instead of throwing Sabrina right into the mix with all the other Archie characters in “Riverdale”, the teenage witch is getting her very own show, which will appear on Netflix, instead of the CW alongside the main series.

This new show will run for at least two seasons, and will be set in the same universe as “Riverdale”, meaning that it’s not impossible for characters from the hit show to turn up to get in Sabrina’s way periodically.

The show will be titled “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”, no doubt a decision that was made to really hammer home the idea that this ain’t your mommy’s Sabrina, but rather, an extension of the same weird universe that features Archie having statutory affairs with his teachers in between classes.

This, it’s safe to say, is pretty much the best idea in the history of Archie comics. Netflix is the perfect place for a creepy, spooky horror show that’s also wrapped up in teenage melodrama.

There’s a good chance that “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” could even end up becoming a bigger his than “Riverdale” itself – after all, there’s an awfully big fanbase out there who remember the Melissa Joan Hart show with fondness.

Sabrina Comic
Source: Archie Comics

It also makes sense to split Sabrina off into her own show, rather than introducing full on magic into “Riverdale” – the simple inclusion of supernatural elements could very easily derail the main show, even if it wouldn’t be completely out of place in such a peculiar world.

Regardless, there is hope that other Archie characters from across the comic publisher’s range might end up turning up in some of these cartoons.

It’s worth pointing out, by the way, that “Sonic the Hedgehog” comics were published by Archie for over twenty years before the license went to IDW this year.

Sonic can’t show up in “Sabrina”, but fans of the classic cartoon can always cross their fingers for an appearance from Sally Acorn!