“Riverdale” Just Made a Lead Character Even Less Likeable, and it’s Kind of Great

Matthew Loffhagen
The CW
(Photo: The CW)

Do you know what? I give up. I’m on board. “Riverdale” is awesome.

For months, I’ve been watching incredulously as this show has gotten more and more ridiculous.

(Spoilers for everything here, by the way)

When the Black Hood was revealed to be an unimportant janitor, I was annoyed. When the writing team decided to bring him back just for kicks and giggles, I was furious.

Now? I’ve stopped caring. If this show is going to just be completely nuts and about as grounded in reality as the average fever dream, I’m just gonna roll with it.

In the latest episode of “Riverdale”, one of the show’s regular characters has potentially killed someone. We have yet to see how things shake out, and we don’t yet know whether the guy in question is going to die and who might be responsible, but it’s inescapable.

Riverdale vs Southside
Source: The CW

I’m not going to go too far into details here, but either Archie himself, the show’s poster boy, or new regular character Reggie, has shot a kid from the rival town of Southside.

This isn’t a deliberate move – both Archie and Reggie are fumbling over a gun when it fires – but the fallout is inescapable. Bullet wounds to the stomach are hard to erase.

“Riverdale” has been burning bridges left and right this season, and returning from hiatus with such a big (and literal) bang suggests that things are going to get more ridiculous as time goes on.

Despite having been opposed to this kind of storytelling thus far, I’m having a bit of a change of heart.

Embracing the Nonsense

I’m a fan of stories that make sense. Conversely, I don’t tend to enjoy fiction that breaks its own rules and backtracks regularly for sensationalist plot twists.

The thing is, “Riverdale” is all about the sensationalist plot twists, or characters acting in completely unbelievable ways in order to push the story forward to a new, terrible moment of drama.

Fangs Fogerty
Source: The CW

It is, I believe, very bad form to write a show in this manner. But if the writers on “Riverdale” are just going to go for broke and make Archie himself culpable in a second-degree murder case, then hey, maybe I’m thinking too hard about all of this.

“Riverdale” isn’t supposed to be a logical, sensible show. This is all about doing stupid stuff for the sake of grabbing attention.

If that’s really what’s going on, then so be it. I’ll embrace the nonsense.

Here’s hoping an upcoming episode reveals Archie’s evil clone, or involves a crossover with Jon Berthnal’s Punisher. I’ll take whatever ludicrous plot contrivances the show feels like throwing at me.