Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s Intimate NYE

Madison Vanderberg
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After all the drama surrounding Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s holiday plans (Do Rob’s parents hate Kristen? Is she spending Xmas alone?) we’re happy to announce that the pale-faced lovebirds reunited in the UK for New Years.

It seems like Kristen and Rob DID spend Christmas apart as Kristen was spotted arriving at the London airport on December 27 alone.

But fret no more, on December 29, tons of fans spotted the couple (along with some of Kristen’s American friends) on the tube (the subway to us Americans).

“Just sat next to Robert Pattinson and Christen Stewart on the tube oh my god,” a fan wrote on Twitter. 

We’re gonna let the “Christen” misspelling slide. By the way, I would NEVER spell Kristen wrong.

Then on Dec 31, AKA New Year’s Eve, the couple sans their hanger-on friends, were spotted packing on the PDA on the ferry on the way to the romantic Isle of Wight.

Onlookers said they had their arms wrapped around each other the entire time.

Speaking of speaking-about-their-relationship, Kristen wishes everyone would stop speaking-about-their-relationship.

“It’s the most disjointed, uninformed, and completely unsatisfying and completely depressing,” Kristen said in an interview with USA Today, referring to what some tabloid magazines write about her and her love life with Rob.

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