Robert Pattinson ‘Showering Kristen Stewart With Affection’

Madison Vanderberg

Ulch, ulch, ulch. We can’t even read this headline without feeling nauseous. We love Robsten as much as the next fan, but is Robert Pattinson REALLY “showering Kristen Stewart with affection?”

Apparently so. According to a “source” close to the couple (believe it or not) ever since Rob returned from Australia, these two have been closer than ever.

“Kristen and Rob couldn’t be happier. They are getting along wonderfully and really enjoying each other’s company. Rob has been showering Kristen with affection,” a source told The Sun.

They were spotted out together three nights in a row since Rob’s return, basically making all those stories that he is “over her” completely invalid.

Anyways, Rob and KStew are perfect now, so to that creepy Twihard who writes “ROBSTEN IS UNBROKEN” all over Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube…yeah you’re right.

“Rob really missed her and is spending all of his time with her,” adds the source, “And the dogs of course. I think this is the strongest their relationship has ever been.”

Oh also, fun fact: Rob and Kristen are reportedly planning a road trip via RV with Katy Perry.

Not sure how much we believe this report, but apparently Rob has been wanting to go on a road trip with Kristen and their friends for a while and since they hang out with Katy Perry, they invited her too.

If this trip DOES happen, Twihards around the world are going to lose their sh*t. Twitter will break with potential Robsten sightings. CAN’T WAIT!

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