Samurai Are Coming to ‘Westworld’ Season 2, So What Other Robots Should The Show Include?


(Photo: HBO)

It’s happening, guys! Robot samurai are coming to Westworld in a big way!

The news broke last Friday – Hiroyuki Sanada, who you might recognize from The Wolverine, is going to play a mystery character in Westworld season two who is currently only known as “Musashi”. He’ll be in several episodes, and while it’s not confirmed, fans are pretty convinced that he’s going to be a robot from the adjacent theme park SamuraiWorld.

Half the fun of the bizarre futuristic robot theme park setting is the fact that literally anything the writers can come up with can made real. Cowbots are the tip of the iceberg – we could also get whatever other nonsense seems like a vaguely justifiable idea in a setting where robots are playthings for rich humans.

So what other archetypal characters should Westworld include if the show is going to turn into a smorgasbord of weirdness?

Here are a few fun ideas:

Sherlock World

There’s a precedent for this. Remember that episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation where the crew roleplay as Sherlock Holmes characters in the HoloDeck? And simulated Moriarty gains sentience and takes control of the ship?

Okay, maybe that’s not required watching for all audiences, but even if you’ve never seen the episode, it’s a pretty perfect mirroring of the basic story of Westworld. It’d be fun to have something similar play out in this show, with characters from Victorian London providing the perfect counterpoint to all the cowboys.

Besides, no matter which version of Irene Adler might exist in this universe, she’d be a pretty perfect addition to the cast, and a good foil for Thandie Newton’s character.

Game of Thrones World

This is actually one that could happen.

George RR Martin has been trying to push for a Game of Thrones crossover episode, where we get to see robot Jon Snow, played by Kit Harrington. The logic is that that in the future, branded theme parks would be just as popular as generic Wild West time periods.

With Game of Thrones wrapping up soon, HBO is going to want to capitalize on the show’s popularity in order to push audiences towards some of their other big brands. Having a Game of Thrones cameo or two would be the ideal way to gently lead fans of Westeros into enjoying another of the network’s heavy hitting shows.

Plus, it would be an awful lot of fun to throw dragons into Westworld. HBO already has the special effects models, so this could be done pretty easily.

Pride and Prejudice World

Okay, so maybe this list relies a little too heavily on literature, but just go with it. The Westworld theme park doesn’t really relate to a genuine historical setting as much as it does to iconic cinematic interpretations of the Old West.

Similarly, imagine Jane Austen’s heroines, who exist as robots primarily for park attendees to romance while attending fancy balls, suddenly discovering their true purpose and going on a rebellious killing spree.

The Pride and Prejudice and Zombies movie failed to make proper use of the genius formula of combining high society snobbery with explosive action. We need another attempt at this concept, and Westworld is the perfect show to delve into it.

If we do get this addition to the story, though, HBO definitely needs to hire Colin Firth to reprise his role as Mr Darcy. It’s what this show is desperately lacking.


The rest of the offerings on this list have been fairly European, and considering that the first new setting the show will introduce will be Feudal Japan, we definitely need some more variety.

Consider Egyptworld, filled not only with sand, slaves, and statues, but also towering jackal-headed gods, beautiful golden throne rooms, and Queen Nefertiti herself.

There’s definitely some fantastic characters that could be pulled from this time period, as Westworld evolves from being simply a show about cowboys to one that features one of the greatest, most culturally influential kingdoms of all time.

This is what we need. A team-up show featuring cowboys, samurai, Mr Darcy, Irene Adler, a dragon, and Queen Nefertiti. All fighting for their freedom when facing off against human oppressors.

It could well be the most engaging, eclectic, off-the-wall show on television, taking the general period concept of Westworld to its logical conclusion.

Here’s hoping we get at least one of these ideas in the show – there’s so much that could potentially be done with the premise that the writers will no doubt come up with far greater choices as Westworld season two picks up speed.

Either way, this is definitely a TV show that’s worth keeping an eye on.