Russell Brand Wants to Get Married Again

John Howard


Russell Brand is optimistic about his future love life. And not just the sex part, a category we all know he’s not struggling in. He actually wants to get hitched a second time.

The British comedian recently gave an interview with Short List magazine, in which he talked about the idea of marrying again following the media frenzy of a divorce from Katy Perry.

Oddly enough, he’s pretty open to the idea…

“Not at all. I liked marriage. Most of it was brilliant,” he said. “You can’t condemn an institution on one incident. You can’t condemn the whole Catholic Church for a few dodgy priests.”

Despite how positive he may come off in the quote, the name “Katy Perry” never crossed his lips once throughout the extended conversation, except to mock the heckles he sometimes gets during performances. 

He added that the process of separating from his wife of 14 months has given him a larger perspective on fame. 

“I feel different about my private life. I feel like I need to have one now,” he said. “If you’re married to someone who’s also famous, privacy becomes a commodity. But f-cking hell, that’s not really a problem in a world where people are starving. My attitude to fame and celebrity changes continually.”

Read Russell’s full interview HERE.