Ryan Gosling Casts Real-Life Girlfriend Eva Mendes In Movie

John Howard

To all you innocent and fragile souls reading this out there that have fallen victim to the seducing ways of Ryan Gosling’s Ryan Gosling-ness—AKA everyone… We’d like to apologize in advance for this story.

It appears that your boyfriend Ryan Gosling has cast Eva Mendes (AKA She Who Shall Not Be Named, who claims to be Ryan’s “official” girlfriend, but we all know that he really prefers you, even if he hasn’t met you yet, but still…) in his directorial debut.

According to the entertainment news site Bloody Disgusting, Eva, along with Rob Zabrecky, Christina Hendricks and Ben Mendelsohn, has been cast in the film How to Catch a Monster, a project that Gosling will helm.

The lucky goddess will reportedly play the character of Cat, a single mother of two who is pulled into a dark fantasy underworld…

Shooting for Ryan’s first ever job as a director (which, frankly, is an experience you should be sharing with Ryan and not her) begins in May. The project is brought to you by Bold Films.

Despite the common belief that this is the first time the couple has collaborated on a project together. Check out the comedy short “Drunk History Christmas,” with Eva, Ryan and Jim Carrey, below:

(Don’t worry, Ryan still loves you more.) NSFW!