The Saga Continues: A Re-Telling of How Justin Bieber Got Selena Gomez Back

Madison Vanderberg

There is a real-life soap opera happening amongst us…and it is the hot and cold, back and forth SAGA better known as Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s relationship.

Thank the lord for the sources at People, because they have just unloaded everything you need to know about WHY Selena Gomez keeps going back to Justin Bieber, and BOY is it a page-turner.

It all started with Selena Gomez’s two-week rehab stint in January.


Apparently “she felt very empowered after that.”



“She did well for a few months. But then she hung out with HIM again…”




It all started back up again when he posted THAT Instagram picture of her at the Vanity Fair Oscar party.


“Whenever they’re not talking, he has to do something to get her attention, like posting [a photo of her]. He reaches out, then says he’s going to come see her…”


“…and she’s like ‘Okay.’”



“It’s a pattern on his part. The sad part is, she always goes back to him.”




But WHY Selena!? WHY DO YOU DO IT!?


“He’s very charming.”



“I’m not sure what’s going on with him right now,” said the source, “but he’s very smart, and used to be a very fun and funny kid.”



But the reunion is RUINING her friendships!


“I believe Taylor Swift’s gotten fed up with it.”


“[Taylor and Selena] still talk, but Taylor doesn’t want to hear about it anymore.”

Sonic Nation


Justin is even tearing Selena FROM HER FAMILY!


“They feel like they’ve done all they could for her, and there’s nothing else to do.”



“At this point, she has to figure it out on her own.”


Next week on the SAGA, Selena tells Justin she’s FED UP and moves in with Taylor Swift for some girl time and much-needed rest from her exhaustion.

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