‘Sassy’ Magazine from the ’90s Is Actually Your Own Personal Time Machine

Matt Dekneef

Sassy magazine was maybe the most necessary magazine of the late ’80s/early ’90s. It spoke volumes to girls who cared more about bands than blush, and looking back, it’s still as cool today as it was then. Here are some of our favorite moments in the mag’s history.  

1. When Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love smooched on the cover:

2. When Liv Tyler bared midriff:

3. And modeled for BONGO jeans:

4. When Angelina Jolie stunned us with her laser-beam stare:

5. When Amy Smart showed us her tough side:

Don’t mess with her backwards B, temporary rose tattoos, studded belts, and flannel.

6. When Robin Tunney still hadn’t filmed The Craft yet:

7. When Penélope Cruz was just a fresh face on the foreign film scene:

8. And wore these clunky thongs:

9. When Spike Jonze was just a photographer’s assistant in these Polaroids:

10. When Milla Jovovich was just the model in this road trip editorial:

11. When Henry Rollins was the only question that mattered:

12. When Chloë Sevigny was just a magazine intern who made her own hats:

13. When Rashida Jones and her sister Kidada were featured in its pages:

14. When the ‘90s did not take fashion that seriously:

15. When Robert Downey Jr. was the magazine’s first cover boy:

16. When Evan Dando gave girls advice and was billed as “tormented superstar”:

17. When MC Lyte showed us how to pull off overalls:

18. When this Twin Peaks-inspired photo shoot was the best photo shoot of all time:

19. When Lenny Kravitz was just “One To Watch”:

20. When we had no idea how affected we could be by an ad for “My So-Called Life”:

21. When Chloë Sevigny was in more patchwork skirts:

22. When Miranda July was just a “fledgling filmmaker”:

23. When Samantha Mathis looked too rad in this flannel shirt:

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