The Secret Pokémon Easter Egg That Stayed Hidden for Nearly 10 Years

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Nintendo)

The Pokémon Company has been trying to convince us to get off our butts and walk around outside for a long time.

While the most recent trend is Pokémon GO, a game which recently added a bunch more critters to capture, the whole premise of the Pokémon games revolves around going out and meeting friends to trade and battle.

Back in 2009, Nintendo tried a different tactic to get their customers to exercise. Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver came bundled with the PokéWalker, a pedometer which allowed you to bring one of your faithful Pocket Monsters on the go with you. Walking would help to unlock certain bonus perks for the main game, and the game would keep track of all the steps you took over its lifetime.

But what happens when you max out the PokéWalker? Is such a thing possible? Well, after seven years of dutifully taking his PokéWalker everywhere with him, Twitter user @suica_pokeca finally hit ten million steps on his device.

Well, he hit nine million, nine hundred thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine steps. That’s when the PokéWalker gives us, apparently, and instead issues a special message that can’t be seen any other way.



Glancing at his PokéWalker, @suica_pokeca noticed that the screen displayed the word “Congratulation!!” (in Japanese). Connecting his device to his Nintendo DS, he found a second message within the game: “You have finally reached 9,999,999 steps on your Pokéwalker!”

This is no mean feat, especially considering that the watch battery which powers the PokéWalker only lasts for a couple of years and needs to be periodically changed in order to keep the device going.

It’s fun that the PokéWalker has this secret message for anyone who’s dedicated enough to keep using the device to track ten million steps, but as @suica_pokeca was clearly still getting regular use out of his PokéWalker, it’s too bad that the game now won’t help him keep track of his steps any more.

Oh well – at least Pokémon GO is still going, albeit with a much smaller user base. Just think of how many eggs could be hatched with ten million steps!

Better get walking.

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