See Heidi Klum Nearly Naked In New Selfie

Matt Dekneef

Or should we say nude selfie?

iPhone selfie artisan Heidi Klum turned the camera on herself while laying out at the beach and this is the result.

“Smile!” she commanded, tweeting the upside-down topless photo—her hands covering her breasts—to her followers. She got a little creative on the shore, using her torso as a canvas to fashion a little smiley face out of sand and a couple lucky seashells.

She’s 40 years old, a mother of four kids and looks like this. You can all start crying in 3, 2, 1…

Heidi’s been getting super comfortable in the Bahamas, previously sharing another borderline-NSFW of her backside.

This is definitely one way to generate more followers.

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