See Miley Cyrus Without Eyebrows

Matt Dekneef

She’s not afraid to take a risk with her look. We know this much about Miley Cyrus and right when we were getting all comfortable with her wild ways, she goes ahead and gets rid of her eyebrows.

The 20-year-old singer spontaneously bleached them, taking her hair-removing antics to a whole other level.

She showed them off on her Instagram early Wednesday morning in a selfie with Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr, making this the first time in history where you’re not immediately looking at Miranda Kerr.

Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci also had a couple snapshots of Miley’s barely-there brows, which he posted on his own Instagram. In one of them, Miley sticks out her tongue beside singer Lily Allen.

Miley’s gearing up to perform at the American Music Awards, so we’re guessing this daring look could be for whatever she’s going to assault pop culture with this Sunday.

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