See What Oprah Sold at Her Garage Sale

Madison Vanderberg

An Oprah garage sale is NOT your neighborhood garage sale. There are no handmade signs posted on street corners. There are no Craigslist ads.

When Oprah wants to declutter, she rents out three circus-style tents at the polo grounds in Santa Barbara and has items shipped in from her various homes.

The TV mogul ended up raising $600,000 for charity because people were willing to drop some major cash just because Oprah had owned the items. Here’s a sampling of what you could have walked away with at this yard sale on steroids:

-18th century Louis XVI armchairs. $60,000.

-A teapot. $100.

-An enlarged print of a TV Guide photo with Oprah’s face on it. $3,000.

-Crystal lamps. $2,500.

-Two crushed velvet sofas. $8,750.

-A portrait of a dog. $1,400.

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