See Zac Efron Naked in New Raunchy Movie

Matt Dekneef

That awkward moment when you didn’t expect to see THIS MUCH of Zac Efron in his latest movie, i.e. his entire backside at 0:57 seconds in this trailer has arrived.

That Awkward Moment—formerly titled Are We Officially Dating?—is the upcoming raunchy sex comedy that along with Zac includes Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller, and Imogen Poots among its young, sexy, ~*~twentysomething~*~ cast.

The red-band trailer showcases all the (*fingers crossed*) high-low humor you’d expect from a script that mixes gross-out bro humor with your prototypical romcom sentimentality. Oh yeah, and sprinkled with scenes of Zac Efron in various states of undress.

Watch the full preview here:

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