Selena Gomez Wants to Direct

Madison Vanderberg

Bless her heart, Selena Gomez has apparently perfected her acting and movie craft and wants to move on to directing.

Ben Affleck did Gigli and then he won an Oscar! Spring Breakers can be my Gigli!” – Selena Gomez, presumably.

The actress says she needs to perfect her “craft” and then she’ll consider taking offers to direct. Surreeee.

“I’ll have to be much better at what I do before I can direct other people, so I would LOVE that,” Selena told reporters at the premiere of her new movie Getaway, “[Co-star] Ethan [Hawke] actually has given me some advice about that. So…I would, but once I get a little bit more perfected on what I do and the art that I do, maybe I’ll be a little bit more daring? But I’m still learning.”

Is a fragrance release, a film release and a pop album not enough for her!?

Oh, in addition to directing…Selena is DONE doing “kids” movies.

“It’s too easy to be a part of like the next teen comedy or the next princessy kind of movie,” she tells Hollyscoop, “I’ve done that so many times.”

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