Shirtless Bradley Cooper and Leonardo DiCaprio Go Babewatching

Matt Dekneef

Over Super Bowl weekend, bro’s bro Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted bronoodling with Oscar nominated bro Bradley Cooper.

The two buddied up on a hotel balcony Sunday, getting shirtless together to soak in some rays while vacationing in every bro’s home at heart, the city of Miami.

While you’re gazing up at this duo and imagining yourself squeezed between a Leo-Bradley manwich, the two looked out onto the shore to stare out at the beachy vista.

Apparently they saw something that aroused their interest, something that became a hot topic of conversation. Like a couple of overzealous boy scouts just a rare species away from earning their merit badges, the two guys quickly reached for a pair of binoculars—probably the only binoculars left in the world because who just casually owns binoculars?—to gain a closer view of an unknown sight.

Since they were probably staying at some bougie hotel, of which likely boasts an equally bougie view most can’t afford, we can only offer you some educated guesses of what’s floating their boat in these photos:

– An actual boat

– Buffet of bikini babes, supported by the Leo DiCreepio and Bradley Creeper looks on their faces

– Exact coordinates of where Leo lost his on-screen virginity in Titanic

– Their pal Jonah Hill after locking him out of the hotel as a group prank because Jonah Hill is totally the friend in the group you always prank

– Window shopping for Leo’s next girlfriend because there was a 50% off sale that day

– Distant island to buy because you’re Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper, so why not?

– Each other, after accidentally turning their binoculars on one another and falling into a trance (not pictured)