Should John Krasinski Return for “A Quiet Place 2”?

Matthew Loffhagen
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Andrew Form, a producer on “A Quiet Place”, has stated that John Krasinski will absolutely be back in some capacity for the movie’s sequel.

Depending on the circumstances, I’m not sure it this is the best plan.

Be warned that from this point onward we’re entering spoiler territory for the first movie. If you haven’t seen “A Quiet Place” by this point but you’re inexplicably invested enough in the sequel to read this article, there’s not much that can be done to help you.

My first thought upon hearing that Krasinski would be back was one of surprise. Bringing back Krasinski’s character – Lee Abbott, would somewhat undo the emotional weight of the first movie’s conclusion.

If this is a world where a character can come back to life after a very brutal, violent death, then the rules somewhat go out the window.

Of course, what Form actually means in his comments is likely that Krasinski is back in the director’s chair. Whatever the continuation of the franchise might turn out to be, the film’s original director is sticking with the series.

This I’m okay with – under certain conditions.

The Anthology Approach

There’s been talk that “A Quiet Place 2” might not feature any of the surviving members of the Abbott family. Instead, the series could become an anthology piece, telling the story of a different group of survivors in every instalment.

This is essentially what “Cloverfield” could have been. It certainly would have been more easy to comprehend than the weird nonsense spin-offs we ended up with.

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If this is the case, though, I’d like for the series to have a completely fresh feel – and this ought to mean switching out directors.

If there’s one criticism I can’t help but levy against “A Quiet Place”, it’s that it’s a very traditional White Middle Class take on the apocalypse.

There’s a nuclear family, doing the best they can to emulate life before the apocalypse. Right down to the inexplicably pregnant housewife and stoic provider husband.

If we’re to get to see a different group of survivors in “A Quiet Place 2”, I’d like to see a different perspective, and a “family” of sorts that come from a different background.

This isn’t to say that I don’t think Krasinski could direct a good story about a more diverse cast. I just think I’d like to see that kind of story told by a director who’s enjoyed a different set of life experiences.

This would help make “A Quiet Place 2” feel more original, and it would be a great opportunity to give a minority director a chance to tell their own story within an established and popular framework.

The Continued Adventures of Emily Blunt

On the other hand, if “A Quiet Place 2” instead tells the story of Emily Blunt’s Evelyn Abbott as a newly widowed mother, I’m very happy to see Krasinski return to the director’s chair.

Emily Blunt needs her own action franchise. She’s a phenomenal actor, and she’s played second-fiddle in a lot of these movies for far too long.

Emily Blunt
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A big part of what makes “A Quiet Place” so enjoyable is the core group of characters. The Abbott family is just so endearing that I want to see what happens to them next, and how their horrify, terrifying adventures continue.

For this to play out right, I want to see John Krasinski directing his real life and on-screen wife as she does what she can to save their little family from (literally) unspeakable horror.

That movie sounds amazing, and I’m even willing to tolerate Krasinski appearing on-screen as dream ghost if that’s what has to happen to make the movie work.

To be honest, either way, it sounds like “A Quiet Place 2” is going to be a lot of fun. Dark, horrific fun.

If I had my wish, I’d love to see both of these movies realized. Both a sequel and a spin-off would be amazing.

Who knows? Perhaps we’ll get lucky, and a fully-fledge Quiet Cinematic Universe will be born in the near future.

I’m not going to hold my breath, but I will cross my fingers really, really tight.