Simon Cowell Tells Lauren Silverman: Stay Away

Madison Vanderberg

So, Simon Cowell has no idea what it means to be a dad.

The woman he knocked up and is supposedly still romantically involved with is going through a divorce with her husband and she asked Simon to be by her side for, you know support and other things that baby daddies are supposed to provide. Instead Simon jumped on a yacht and got the eff out!

Then when Lauren asked if he would send her a private jet, so she could come join him on the yacht, he was like, “hell no!”

“Simon thought the divorce would take longer to finalize and he is insisting he needs time to sort out his head,” a source told The Sun.

“Lauren has asked Simon to charter his private jet so she can join him but he is making excuses and just doesn’t know what to do.”

Have we mentioned that his ex-girlfriend Sinitta and some other random women are aboard the yacht with him?

Yeah, that’s the father of your child Lauren Silverman.

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