Snooki to Jionni: Marry Me Already!

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Snooki didn’t get everything on her wish list this holiday season. One item that Santa left off… Apparently a wedding ring. 

In a recent tweet sent out by to her fiancé, Jionni LaValle, the reality TV babe revealed she might be growing a little anxious in her ongoing delay to walk down the aisle. 

On New Year’s Eve, Snooks tweeted at Jionni with a message that seemed to scream: “Let’s hurry this guido love saga up already!”

What she actually said was this: 

“I LOVE U! Ur amazing and you made my 2012 AMAZING ! Thank u for giving me Lorenzo, I love my family. NOW LETS GET MARRIED!”

The message was in response to Jionni’s equally gushing tweet, minus the whole marriage part.

“In the past I may not have wanted to remember the years,” he wrote, “But 2012 getting engaged to Nicole and having Lorenzo I will never forget!”

Along with her wedding impatience, Snooki rang in the New Year by getting a “fierce leopard tattoo,” her sixth tat according to her post on

“I wanted to get this because to me it represents being a strong independent woman, and obviously I love leopards/leopard print!” she wrote. “The crown represents being a queen and being fabulous, and the wings represent everyone who has passed in my family.”

The tattoo is on her left shoulder and was inked by L.A.-based artist Bryce Oprandi. In the post she shared a pic, revealing the ink, along with a sexy cat pose. Meow!

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