So, This Happened: Katy Perry, Robert Pattinson & Diplo Love Triangle, Chris Brown Dances

Madison Vanderberg

There’s a lot of Robert Pattinson news today, y’all. Lot of RPatz going on.

Katy Perry was seen “hanging out” with Diplo ALL NIGHT at a Coachella after-party, but friends say they want Katy to get together with Robert Pattinson now that they are both single.

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Paris Hilton and Kelly Osbourne are sending nasty tweets to each other about some Coachella drama.

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Brandy and fiancé Ryan Press have ended their engagement.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images


Pharrell cried on Oprah.



From the confines of jail, Chris Brown just released a dance video.


Robert Pattinson’s new movie Map to the Stars has a trailer and it looks terrifying.

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