So, This Happened: Kris Jenner’s Bikini Body, Justin Bieber to Film Anti-Drug PSA

Madison Vanderberg
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Drama, bikinis and gigolos OH MY!

Kanye West and Jay Z have reportedly had a falling out after Kanye supposedly called Jay Z to give him marriage advice. There’s also a blind item that Kanye had to borrow millions of dollars from Jay Z a few months back. 

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Lea Michele is staying with her gigolo boyfriend because he convinced her that he’s just a gigolo “coach.”



Justin Bieber got off on the DUI charges but he WILL have to make an anti-drug PSA.

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Kris Jenner is posting bikini pics.



And this is Kim Kardashian’s bikini body on vacation.



Pregnant Mila Kunis said Ashton Kutcher won’t be allowed to see what’s going on “down there” during her delivery.

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