Someone Told The Story of ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’ With a 400-Foot Infographic

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Star Wars fans, well, they're an enterprising group of folks. From high quality fan films (which should make Paramount really rethink their reaction toward how they look at their own fans' output), to DIY projects, there's always something new in a galaxy far, far away. And now we have an infographic that could double as the start of a tapestry of Star Wars mythology

Artist and graphic novelist Martin Panchaud has made an incredible infographic that is 157 pages, fully illustrated, that not only tells the story of Star Wars: A New Hope, but also provides details on the ships, characters and scenes from the first film made in the Star Wars saga. In effect, this is possibly the best second-screen experience you can find. 

Martin Panchaud

Panchaud noted that it "reminds [sic] the ancient Chinese script rolls" and that he enjoys "this stretch between ages, cultures and technologies." In considering the online audience's tendency to want smaller, digestible content, Martin "aimed to create a contrast to that."

The Zurich-based artist credited the fans of Star Wars for inspiring him to make this enormous project, as there is "an enormous amount of underground fan art" that's "made spontaneously with no other goal than to be apart of the Star Wars universe." I think it's safe to say that, in his own way, Panchaud has made his mark on that universe in his own right. 

Martin Panchaud

To see more fan art, you need only look at the official Star Wars community section to see just how much this fandom supports each other. 

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