“Spider-Man: Far From Home” Set Photos Completely Ruin The Ending of “Infinity War”

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Marvel)

“Spider-Man: Far From Home” has started filming in England. This is presumably so that lead actor Tom Holland can feel a little more at home during production. Set photos are a-leaking, just as they did for the last movie, and with this comes questions about the Marvel method.

The pictures we have thus far are not particularly exciting. Snapped by a perceptive Twitter user named Sophie Playle, they show Holland drinking a cup of coffee before filming actually begins in earnest.

Why Holland is drinking coffee while the UK is trapped in a glorious heatwave is unclear. Perhaps he’s just holding a cup of ice cubes instead.

“Far From Home” has been pegged as a globetrotting adventure as Spider-Man hits up some popular locales across Europe. Why, then, the filming is taking place in view of possibly the most boring brick building in Britain remains to be seen.

Either way, I’m more annoyed about the fact that this movie is being made at all.

Spoilers for “Infinity War”

I have to admit that because I have a heart that’s made from blackened coal, I didn’t tear up during the ending of “Infinity War”.

Okay, so a bunch of heroes are disintegrating. Sure, that’s mildly inconvenient for them.

There are two main reasons why Peter Parker’s “I don’t wanna go” death scene didn’t choke me up.

Infinity War Ending
Source: Marvel

First off, I was aware going into “Infinity War” that in the comics, Thanos does actually succeed in his plan, snap his fingers, and wipe out half of the life in the universe.

And then everyone gets better. Because comics.

The second reason why I didn’t ever feel that these deaths are permanent within the MCU was that I knew that “Homecoming 2” would start filming this summer.

Now, here we are, with photos of Peter Parker alive and well, and I can’t help but feel like this is a little anticlimactic.

The first MCU “Spider-Man” movie had notoriously terrible security. We got all kinds of set photos and smuggled filming notes that gave us a pretty good understanding of the movie, long in advance of its completion.

Heck, we even knew about Zendaya’s dumb MJ reveal. I still wish Marvel had committed to this and simply named her character Mary Jane from the get-go, rather than dancing around the issue.

It was inevitable that we’d get leaked photos from “Far From Home” during its filming. Instead of seeing Peter Parker return from the dead in a triumphant fashion on the big screen during “Avengers 4”, we get his sheepish return in some amateur paparazza snaps as he stands around on the streets of London during a heatwave.

Taking a Year Off

Do you know what would have really been compelling? If we hadn’t already heard that a future “Spider-Man” movie was on the way.

If, instead of filming “Far From Home” this year, Marvel and Sony delayed it until 2019, so that the sequel to “Infinity War” could have already resurrected all its heroes within the narrative.

Of course, this would have caused Marvel to essentially take a year off from filmmaking, and we’re all aware that Disney isn’t going to want that.

With this system, though, it’s hard to take any movie seriously because we already know behind the scenes information on what’s happening next.

I suspect that Marvel is doing a great job of keeping a lot of projects hidden and secret until after “Avengers 4”.

I just wish Sony weren’t (of necessity) in such a rush to make “Far From Home” and let the cat out of the bag.