Star Trek: Discovery Season Two Looks Like It’ll Be Even Worse Than Season One

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: CBS)

“Star Trek: Discovery” season one has wrapped, and it feels like it took way too long to drag its way to a conclusion.

What started off promisingly enough took a sour turn part way through the pilot episode, and has only gotten worse ever since.

Particularly egregious is the way that pretty much all of the second half of the season has been built around big plot twists. These events are supposed to make the audience gasp, but which are, consistently, entirely easy to guess.

They’re also a real pain for fans of older “Trek” lore.

Because this formula has become cemented into the show’s formula by this point, naturally, there is a big surprise at the end of the season one finale. Spoilers ahead, look away if you don’t want to know what happens.

The USS Enterprise shows up.

Star Trek Discovery Enterprise
Source: CBS

You know, the ship from the original “Star Trek” television show. Apparently, season two is going to kick off with the crew of the Discovery teaming up with the crew of the Enterprise.

This is a pre-Kirk era adventure, but nonetheless, it means that many of the original show’s favorite characters, such as Mr Spock, are likely to get sucked into all this nonsense.

For a different show, this wouldn’t seem so bad. Generally speaking the baby “Trek” crew from the JJ Abrams reboot, headed by Chris Pine, have been warmly received by fans.

With “Discovery”, though, it seems like only a matter of time before the show attempts to drop some truth bombs that will shock the audience, which retroactively ruin classic “Trek” adventures of characters.

Captain Pike
Source: CBS

Perhaps Captain Pike, who will be in command of the Enterprise in season two, will turn out to be a wholly corrupt, evil human being from an alternate dimension. Maybe Spock will secretly be a Klingon, or have some other kind of shameful secret in this show that will then never again be mentioned in the rest of “Trek” lore.

It was a mistake, considering how nonsensical “Discovery” has become, to set it within the main “Star Trek” universe. It’s clear that the writers have no respect for the source material, and the fact that they’re dragging classic characters and ships into this mess will only serve to create an even more universally reviled show in the long run.

Can we just skip thirty years of retcons and label “Discovery” as non-canon now?

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