“Star Trek: Discovery” Season Two Looks So Much Better Than Season One

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: CBS)

With so much fun stuff announced at Comic-Con last weekend, it was easy to let big things slip past. The trailer for “Star Trek: Discovery” season two is no exception.

I admit that I didn’t watch this immediately when it was released. There was too much going on, and my disappointment with the first season of “Discovery” left me feeling a little cool towards the show as a whole.

As I continue to play catch-up after an exceptionally busy week, I’ve finally sat down to watch the trailer.

I wish I’d seen this a lot sooner. The trailer for “Star Trek: Discovery” season two looks utterly incredible.

There’s definitely a different vibe coming from this trailer than from anything in season one. Where the first story arc for “Discovery” focused on grumpy, gritty stories about morally grey characters, this is colorful fun.

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Part of the reason for this, I feel, is the change in leadership. “Discovery” season two has a new showrunner in the form of Alex Kurtzman, and he’s definitely got a different idea for the future of the show.

Putting Captain Pike, a staple of The Original Series, in command of the Discovery feels like a smart move. There’s a nostalgic part of my brain that just likes seeing a yellow uniform on the ship’s bridge.

Anson Mount is so wonderfully charming here. Much more so than he was as the mute Black Bolt in “Inhumans”. This is clearly a role that suits him a lot better. I get the feeling he’s not exactly going to be around for the entire run of season two, but hopefully what we get of him is worthwhile.

Anson Mount Captain Pike
Source: CBS

Season one of “Discovery” feels a lot like “Star Trek Into Darkness” in many ways. The gritty story, the secretly evil characters, the convoluted plot.

This being the case, from the initial trailer, season two feels more like “Star Trek Beyond”. Fast-paced, action driven, not afraid of “classical music”.

It’s certainly not the standard “Trek” vibe, but it’s fun and energetic, and this feels like a worthwhile method for shaking up a fairly dour show.

In spite of myself, I’m getting excited for the next season of “Star Trek: Discovery”.

I just hope I don’t get burned again. Making an entertaining TV show in this universe has historically never proven this difficult.