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These Star Wars Characters Would Make For Out Of This World Solo Movies

These Star Wars Characters Would Make For Out Of This World Solo Movies April 30, 2018

star wars spinoffs

    Which characters deserve their own Star Wars spinoffs?
    In a galaxy very near to here, expect Star Wars spinoffs every year thanks to Disney’s dedication to franchise-building.  The bad news is that there are sure to be some duds that disappoint hard core fans. The good news is that we might finally get spinoffs for these much deserving characters.  Sure, we’re all excited for the upcoming Han Solo origin movie but plenty of other characters deserve to get their stories told too. How did legendary band, Figrin D’an and the Modul Nodes, end up playing the afternoon shift at a seedy cantina?  How do the Elite Praetorian Guards spend their days off? Did Obi-Wan pick up any hobbies while he spent 20 years alone in the desert? What kind of ice cream was ice cream maker guy making? Fingers crossed the one day soon we’ll have answers. 


    Star Wars Spin Offs
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    Frankly, screw young Han Solo, I want a teenage Yoda movie. Yoda has never proven himself to be anything less than a sassy mother f***er even as a wise and aged jedi leader. Just imagine the sassiness that would come out of a youthful Yoda. It seems pretty obvious that the world would be a better place with 120 straight minutes of that business.