Stars’ Favorite Diet Tips for 2014

Matt Dekneef

It’s that time of year already: time to make your resolutions for 2014 (90 percent of which probably have something to do with weight or eating better, right?) We turned to the stars to find out what some of their favorite dieting tips are for a little inspiration.

Kerry Washington

“Eat local organic fresh foods.”

Dita Von Teese

“The green smoothie is something I definitely have everyday. That’s like my most stable thing. I make it for myself, I really enjoy making it for myself. It’s really helped me have a system or routine that makes me feel good in the morning. It gives me lots of energy and then I try to eat light and vegan during the day and I eat a little bit more normally at night.”

Adriana Lima

“Right now, I’m kind of trying to eat everything, everything healthy. Plenty of fruits, vegetables, salads. I am really trying to cut meat, I already cut red meat. I don’t eat red meat.”

Alessandra Ambrosio

“I like eating lighter in the summer, lots of salads and vegetables. It makes you feel good through the day.”

Amy Smart

“I think everything is in balance and variety, so I would say mostly if you can eat as much organic as possible in every part of your life, but you have to splurge to enjoy and have fun and exercise.”

Lala Vazquez

“For me, I always say we all know what we’re supposed to eat, and not eat. It’s not that hard. It’s just a matter of following it. You know what you’re not supposed to eat. We just gotta follow it.”

Kimberly Snyder

“As you cook or sautee vegetables, turn down the heat and cook with vegetable broth instead of oil. Oil’s really dense, it’s really congestive, it’s not something that’s found in nature, even olive oil. Olives are, but not olive oil and just 1 tablespoon is 120 calories so it’s very dense. An easy way to slim down is to cut the oil and just have more vegetable broth. Have a big salad before dinner, that way it’s a natural form of portion control. You’re filling up with all the fiber and all the mineral dense foods before you have whatever you’re having afterwards and drink a lot of lemon water.”

Lily Aldridge

“When I’m getting ready for the Victoria’s Secret show, I’ll eat a lot of fish and vegetables. Like, a ton. And then after, I’m like, give me a burger. But yeah, I definitely eat a cleaner diet when I have an important shoot or a fashion show.”

Whitney Port

“I would just say everything in moderation. A lot of veggies and fruits and to snack constantly. I’m a big snacker.”

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