Stirling K Brown Will Be the Best Thing About “The Predator”

Matthew Loffhagen
20th Century Fox
(Photo: 20th Century Fox)

Without a doubt, the best thing about the new trailer for “The Predator” is a wonderful performance from Stirling K Brown.

This isn’t to say that the trailer as a whole isn’t engaging. There’s a lot of really awesome stuff in here.

On the surface level, there’s the fun of the gunfight and the explosions. Going deeper, the trailer hints at something bigger.

It looks like Predators might be doing more than simply hunting this time. The trailer hints at a potential invasion of Earth, which in and of itself feels like a revolutionary idea.

We’ve seen the Predators hunting small groups of humans several times in the past. Now, though, if they’re going for a more widespread domination of humanity, it’s going to make for much higher stakes, and a far bigger spectacle.

We’ve never encountered an all-out Predator war before, so this should be interesting!

The Human Element

Amid all of this, my favorite part of the trailer by far is every word that falls from the mouth of Stirling K Brown.

We all know that Brown is a phenomenal actor. Simply watching him at work is a treat in and of itself.

There’s something slightly dark about his performance here. We don’t learn all that much about his character (except that he’s in “acquisitions”), but he seems ever so slightly threatening while staying completely still.

Essentially, he’s a nice reflection of a Predator. The scariest part is just how well he’s hiding his malice.

Stirling K Brown
Source: 20th Century Fox

This is important, because with a bigger scale and scope in this new movie comes the danger that human emotional weight will get lost in the mix.

It’s not enough to have a film that’s full of two hours of war, with generic soldiers bashing into each other like endless waves of action figures in a child’s backyard.

We need to care. We need to see characters that we can invest in; actively love or hate, depending on their roles within the narrative.

That’s why this movie trailer has a cute little kid thrown into the mix. It’s why we see so much of Boyd Holbrook being sarcastic.

“I’m in Acquisitions”

In all this, I suspect that Stirling K Brown will be the character to watch. He may not necessarily be hero of the piece, and likely not a straight villain either.

But, he’s going to be compelling and engaging and creepy. He’s going to deliver a phenomenal performance, and he’s going to be a lot of fun to see on-screen.

Of all the appealing fun that’s coming in Shane Black’s “The Predator”, I think Brown is going to be the highlight.