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Actors You Had No Idea Voiced Famous Animated Characters

Actors You Had No Idea Voiced Famous Animated Characters July 11, 2018

surprising voice actors

    Animated projects with star-studded voice casts are par for the course. We see Despicable Me to hear Steve Carell, Incredibles 2 to hear Holly Hunter, and Shark Tale to hear Martin Scorsese. (Actually, if anyone’s watching Shark Tale to hear Martin Scorsese, their life is not going so good, fella.) But there are still many surprising voice actors. I mean famous people hiding within many of the cartoons and animated films you’ve loved for years and years. In other words, some of your favorite actors have also played your favorite cartoon characters. And you never even knew it. But now you will.

    Susan Sarandon – Granny Rags, Dishonored

    surprising voice actors
    IMAGE BY: Bethesda Softworks

    Beyond her many acclaimed acting roles, Susan Sarandon is quite the eclectic person. Thus, her choice to voice a villain in a violent video game shouldn’t be surprising. But this is more than a bit of novelty for Sarandon. She imbues Granny Rags, a selfish monster from Dishonored, with emotional commitment and shades of performance you don’t typically find in a video game.