Taika Waititi Teases the Return of a Key ‘Thor’ Character in ‘Ragnarok’

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Marvel)

Natalie Portman’s pretty much done with big budget Hollywood franchises, right?

They’re just too much commitment. Star Wars took ten years of her life, and the end result is a trio of films that aren’t exactly going to provide the actor with a lasting legacy.

Having mistakenly thought that this whole Marvel thing would blow over pretty quick, Portman had discovered to her disappointment that she’d be expected to keep showing up in Thor movies for the rest of her career. Unimpressed with this (and with the removal of Patty Jenkins as the director of The Dark World), Portman has stated that she’s done with comic book movies, and that she won’t be returning for Thor: Ragnarok.

Or will she?

Rumors of Jane Foster’s return in either Ragnarok or Infinity War have been bouncing around for a while, although they’ve always been dismissed by most fans as little more than wishful thinking.

This time, though, reports of a potential Natalie Portman character have been started by none other than director Taika Waititi himself, who seems to have decided to amuse himself by making fans explode with excitement over his Twitter feed.



Yes, that’s a couple of pictures of Natalie Portman carrying a houseplant, with the hashtag #Ragnarok.

So what’s up? Is Jane Foster going to show up in the movie? Or, will Guardian of the Galaxy Groot be appearing? Or both?

These pictures are very deliberately chosen, so it looks like Waititi has something special up his sleeve that he’s decided to spoil long before the movie comes to theaters – so whatever’s up, the director isn’t expecting Marvel to be able to keep it a secret for much longer.

Or (and this is equally if not more plausible) Taika Waititi is simply trolling all of us.

Well played, Taika Waititi. Well played.

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