Taylor Swift Running Errands Looks Better Than We Ever Will

Madison Vanderberg

Taylor Swift is a demi-goddess whose “gym outfit” is infinitely more fashionable than our best “special occasion outfit.”

Even when she’s just running errands around town, she’s got a full red lip, and a carefully styled wardrobe. She is FLAWLESS.


This is how Taylor Swift GOES to a dance class.


This is what she looks like LEAVING the gym. Note the zero-sweat and the red lip.


This is what she wears to hit up the mall.


This is how good she looks when she casually stops by an American Apparel ON THE WAY TO THE GYM!


This is about as casual as she’ll get on the way out of the grocery store WHERE SHE ONLY BUYS FLOWERS! Ugh, so elegant.


This is the WORTHINESS she gives us when casually shopping for antiques! This is much better than the sweatpants we threw on to check out a dining room table on Craigslist!


This is the red lip she gives us when she wanders around the neighborhood.


What is this Grace Kelly gorgeousness, TAYLOR CANNOT BE TAMED!


Look at how she just floats out of a café like it’s a catwalk!


Oh look, ANOTHER post-gym photo looking like she just stepped out of a GLAMOUR MAGAZINE!

Let’s face it, Taylor Swift is just an elegant being and all we can do is gawk.

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