Taylor Swift Spends Night With Ed Sheeran

John Howard

Come on… Did you really expect the Taylor Swift to stay single that long?

The latest in the country music crossover’s ever-evolving love life is that she’s apparently set her sights on a new man: fellow musician Ed Sheeran. Swift and Sheeran reportedly spent a mysterious night together following the BRIT Awards.

E! News has the exclusive, reporting that following the awards ceremony, Sheeran made a beeline to Taylor’s hotel and went straight to her room.

Here the pair—and ONLY the pair—spent hours together in a closed door meeting. According to a witness, Sheeran did not exit the hotel until 4 a.m., and when he did, he was looking “very happy.”

“He looked very pleased with himself,” the source said.

And, when guys leave hotel rooms occupied by a scorned and recently single woman, you can pretty much fill in the blanks—this is all speculative, of course. It is being reported, however, that the couple “briefly dated last spring. He thinks she is really cute and they have a great chemistry together.”

What’s more, on February 17, Taylor tweeted: “So. One of my favorite human beings on the planet turns 22 today. I hope @edsheeran has the most perfect show in LA tonight! HAPPY BDAYYYY.”

He responded with an equally gushy, not-so-cryptic message.

Sheeran will travel with Taylor this year, opening for her stadium tour, so a relationship would certainly fit into both of their schedules now.

It should also be noted that Sheeran is actually good friends with Taylor’s lastest ex Harry Styles. We smell drama…

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