The ‘Allegiant’ TV Movie Will Be Better For Not Having Miles Teller

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Lionsgate)

Bad news, everyone! Miles Teller is not going to be in the Allegiant Part 2 television movie.

Wait a second, that’s not bad news. That’s great!

So, the Divergent movie series has been in trouble for a while. The first outing wasn’t anything to write home about, the second film was a bit of a drag, and the third film was viewed by approximately eight people, seven of whom absolutely hated it (the other guy had presumably followed asleep by the time they were asked to give the movie a score).

So, now, instead of getting the last movie in the series as a full theatrical release, Lionsgate has decided to make a TV movie, with a tiny budget.

Miles Teller in Divergent
Source: Lionsgate

The new announcement of the week is that, denied his full, impressive movie salary, Miles Teller has elected to skip out on the movie. So much for loyalty to an ailing franchise.

Well, darn. The Divergent franchise will have to soldier on without Miles Teller. However will be all cope?

A lot of people hate on Teller for some indefinable reason. Teller was a bit too prissy while he was initially pegged as a rising star in Hollywood, and everyone got a little bit wary – if pushed too far, this guy looked like he might end up as the next Shia LaBeouf.

Now, with audience opinion against him, Teller isn’t exactly a big draw at the box office – heck, Allegiant Part One proves that. Nobody really cares, and if given the choice, many of us would prefer not to watch him in a film anyway.

It doesn’t help that Teller’s character in the Divergent series is incredibly annoying. Sometimes he’s a sneaky traitor, other times he’s inexplicably loyal to Shailene Woodley’s Triss. His motivations make no sense, and he’s so snarky and annoying that most people are only watching in the hopes that he’ll get beaten up by somebody.

Divergent Miles Teller
Source: Lionsgate

So for Allegiant Part 2, with its tiny TV budget, to lose Teller, doesn’t feel like a huge loss. In fact, being forced to either recast Teller’s character or (hopefully) rework the story so that a new, original character fills in the cracks, may be the best possible plan.

Heck, if other actors don’t want to show up for Allegiant Part 2, it might be a good time to wipe the slate clean entirely and start again. New characters, new stories, and a different take on the Divergent caste system that doesn’t involve quite so much focus on teenagers jumping on and off trains.

Basically, the best-case scenario here is that we get a soft reboot of the franchise, but if things must continue (and if enough of the movie’s cast members sign on for this low-budget sequel), at least we won’t have to put up with Miles Teller’s smug face.