The Big “Star Trek: Discovery” Klingon Reveal is Dumb and Predictable

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: CBS)

Just when it seemed like “Star Trek: Discovery” couldn’t get any weirder, the show has managed to take yet another turn into uncharted nonsense territory thanks to a bizarre Klingon conspiracy.

Spoiler alert for those who haven’t seen the latest episode of the show yet.

Still lost in the Mirror Universe, the crew of the Discovery have come face-to-face with the alternate dimension version of Big Bad Klingon Voq, and it turns out that this guy is even more familiar than the show had been letting on.

As well as having been a big deal in the pilot episode, Voq has been with us all along – crewmember Ash, it turns out, is actually a Klingon who’s had so much plastic surgery that he looks like a human.

Star Trek Discovery Ash and Michael
Source: CBS

Well that’s weird. Apparently, the Federation decided that the best way to deal with a captured war criminal was to turn him into a human and brainwash him.

What anyone hoped to achieve with this plan is hard to understand, especially considering Ash’s very real, violent tendencies that have led to the death of at least one member of the Discovery’s crew.

In a show filled with sci-fi weirdness, this idea is a bridge too far. What was meant to be a fantastic surprise twist just feels like lazy writing, wherein the showrunners haven’t entirely thought through all of the ramifications of their story arc.

What’s worse is that this doesn’t even come as a big surprise. Somehow, CBS has given us a “Discovery” twist that’s both completely gonzo, and entirely predictable.

Star Trek Discovery Voq
Source: CBS

How did “Star Trek” fans guess in advance that Ash is secretly Voq? Because the same actor plays both characters.

It doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together.

No matter what happens at this point, “Star Trek: Discovery” is getting a second season. One has to wonder, then, why the show is going so nuts with all these illogical twists lately.

Oh well. At least the show has been more interesting the past couple of weeks. Look out for next week’s big reveal that Captain Lorca is actually a killer whale in disguise.